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The fingertips contain one of the most densest regions of nerve endings in the human body.

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Human Bone Anatomy - A typical adult human skeleton consists of 206 bones, not counting many small and often variable sesamoid bones and ossicles. Individuals may have more or fewer bones than this owing to anatomical variations. The most common variations include additional (i.e. supernumerary) cervical ribs or lumbar vertebra.Sesamoid bone counts also may vary among individuals. The figure of 206 bones is commonly repeated, but must be noted to have some peculiarities in its method of…

Anatomy of the hand! Repinned by your source for geriatric occupational therapy resources.

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The tibia, also known as the shinbone, is a long bone of the lower leg.

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Treatment for Sesamoid Injuries

Dorsum of foot - Anatomy : Bones; Skeletal system, Joints of foot, Muscles Attachment, Tarsal bones, Talus, Calcaneus, Navicular, Medial cuneiform, Intermediate cuneiform; Middle cuneiform, Lateral cuneiform, Cuboid, Metatarsals [I-V], Phalanges, Sesamoid bones, Subtalar joint; Talocalcaneal joint, Transverse tarsal joint, Talocalcaneonavicular joint, Calcaneocuboid joint, Cuneonavicular joint, Intercuneiform joints, Tarsometatarsal joints, Interphalangeal joints of foot