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We can serve others in many ways, not just physically or with money, but with kindness, hope, and faith...... Our mother. Our grandma. Hopefully us :) - Jenny

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Sweet Potato Stackers and other Christmas nibbles. Cut sweet potatoes into 1cm discs, toss with oil and some seasoning on a baking sheet. Roast 20-30 mins at gas 6 until golden and crisp on the outside, then leave to cool. To serve, mix mayonnaise with lemon juice. Pile a scrunched up piece of prosciutto on each star, top with a blob of mayo. | Butcher, Baker

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"The woman who serves unnoticed and un-thanked is a woman who loves God more than she desires the praise of others. She is confident that all her unnoticed deeds on earth are noticed in Heaven. She is satisfied knowing she has pleased her Lord." Read the rest of today’s devotion as we desire God more than the praises of others :

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Roasted Cauliflower with Punjabi Seasonings

Madhur Jaffrey's roasted cauliflower with Punjabi seasonings from Curry Easy Vegetarian is a delicious, healthy snack or side dish. All you have to do is marinate florets of cauliflower with all the seasonings and then just roast them in a hot oven. Serve with a dish of chickpeas, or any other dal, a flatbread or rice, and a yoghurt relish. Yum!

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Nando's Inspired Syn Free Spicy Rice

Nando's Inspired Syn Free Spicy Rice — Slimming World Survival | Recipes | Tips | Syns | Extra Easy

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5 Simple Ways to Serve People (Part 2

10 Simple Ways to Serve Pople. Making sacrifices to serve other people, is a great way to let our light shine to the world. Click through for a FREE phone download

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Serving others does not have to be hard, in fact it is often simple. When we serve those who need us, we are actually serving God.

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A good reminder that we are not alone. Everyone hurts, everyone struggles. During difficult times find ways to serve others!

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