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The serous membranes - any organ that MOVES will have a serous membrane to reduce friction

the serous membrane lining the cavity of the abdomen and covering the abdominal organs. serous membrane parietal peritoneum visceral pleura

The peritoneum. General features The peritoneum is a thin serous membrane that line the walls of the abdominal and pelvic cavities and cover the organs.

R6 Influenza Drops Acute feverish inflammations of the fibrous tissues and the serous membranes.

Simple squamous epithelium; peritoneum- a serous membrane Epithelial Tissue Histology


Figure 3.20b Membranes © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. Transudate Mesothelium Areolar tissue Serous membranes line th...


Cytohistology of the Serous Membranes

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