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Non mais ce moment est juste excellent, entre la tête de Scott et celle(s) des twins! Comme quoi la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid...

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So i just watched scorch trials and i have total feels. It was so curl. I stared shaking 30 minutes in. AHHHHHHH. i am messed up right now. Oh my. Woah this movie has so many feels 2 hours of feels people. Be prepared. Woah. NO ONE WARNED ME ABOUT THIS FANDOM UNIVERSE! AHHHHH

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Elves, Druids And Humans: Here Are The Official 'Shannara Chronicles' Character Portraits

Taylor she is the group leader she is wise brave and loyal she likes to help every one in need unless they turn.. They always has a bow and a couple of arrows in her sash and has a horse name whisky

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Teen Wolf 6x05

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ahh yes little did he know his life would soon turn to death and destruction :)))))))))

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heart 5 | protagonista:Después Shane hizo una lógica transición a la actuación, y ha actuado continuamente en las 4 temporadas de la exitosa serie de Disney Channel, “Good Luck Charlie”. Él fue estrella invitada en "Wizards of Waverly Place", y "So Random". También fue estrella invitada en un arco de 4 episodios de la serie de MTV "Awkward."

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'Oblivion' Star Olga Kurylenko Finds Her Twilight and Harry Potter in 'Vampire Academy' Movies, TV, Celebrities, News, Movie Times

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