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Serena Williams Siblings


The Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, the greatest sister-act professional tennis has ever seen, succeeded against all odds, and with the help of their visionary parents, made it to the top. Venus, a 7 time grand slam winner (singles) and Serena, 17 time grand slam winner (singles) is ranked World No.1 by the Womens Tennis Association.

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Venus and Serena Williams Serena has won 47 singles titles, while older sister Venus holds 44 singles titles to her name. Both have faced each other in Grand Slam tournaments, eight of which have occurred in the finals. The pair has fared well together in doubles matches also, taking home three gold medals for their performances in numerous Summer Olympics.

"We are who we are. Women. Strong Black women. We love what we are and what we do. If we see a road, we go down it, and if there is no road, we try to make one." ~ Venus & Serena Williams

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Body of Work: The Top 20 Fitness Icons

Venus and Serena Williams. #tennis #fitness #physique. Two of the badest chicks in tennis!

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Serena and Venus are incredible athletes and impeccable role models for sportsmanship (I can not imagine having to compete with my brother in front of the world - and I'm not sure it would be pretty). Serena has 40 career tennis titles and older sis Venus has 43, and as if winning weren't enough - they look great doing it.

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