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Giant Sequoia, Sequoiadendron giganteum, Tree 30 Seeds (Fast, Evergreen, Bonsai) -- Awesome products selected by Anna Churchill

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12 Best National Parks to Visit for Fall Colors

Tree-wise, Yosemite is known best for its giant sequoias—the park's groves of towering redwoods are like quiet, fragrant cathedrals—but visitors at this time of year can't help but notice the orange, yellow, and red leaves flaring around all those ancient evergreens. Cottonwoods, aspens, and black oak are responsible for the golden hues, and maples and Pacific dogwoods turn red. Much of the color depends, of course, on rainfall and drought has plagued the region...

sunlight filters through the giant red woods at Muir Woods National Park situated on Mount Tamalpais near thePacificcoast in southwestern Marin County California. The park protects 554 acresof which 240 acres are old growthcoast redwood(Sequoia sempervirens) forests one of the few remaining in theSan Francisco Bay Area #sunset #dreamsunset #sky_collection #skyviewers #skystylesgf #sky_captures #ic_sky #best_skyshots #worldunion #big_shotz #world_shotz #master_shots #ig_exquisite…

North Coast Redwoods Map


Bonsai Versions of the World’s Tallest Tree «TwistedSifter


Redwood Nemzeti Park A kaliforniai Redwood Nemzeti Park 1968. január 1-jén jött létre a Prairie Creek Redwoods, a Del Norte Coast Redwoods és a Jedediah Smith Redwoods állami parkok összevonásával. Elsődleges feladata a világon egyedülálló, csak itt élő parti mamutfenyő (Sequoia sempervirens) megmaradt példányainak megóvása.

Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) | Del Norte Coast Redwo… | Flickr

California's coastal camping options are nearly limitless. So go get cozy around a campfire and enjoy the outdoors every month of the year. Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) tower above campsites at Jedidiah Smith Campground. (Photo by Aron Bosworth)Jedidiah Smith CampgroundLocated on the banks ...

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Armstrong in Leather

The Armstrong mini tote is named after Armstrong Redwoods. A grove of Sequoia sempervirens, commonly know as the coastal redwood.  The ancient coast redwood is


Cross-Section of a Two-Year Redwood Stem (Sequoia Sempervirens), LM X12

Cross-Section of a Two-Year Redwood Stem (Sequoia Sempervirens), LM X12 Magnetic Art -vedos by Biodisc at