A little thought to leave you with tonight, remember to have a positive self talk with yourself about all the good things in life, even if somedays you have to look a little harder, start by writing 3 small things you like about yourself every day, post them to yourself around your house if you have post it notes, gradually increase those thoughts by one every day xxxx

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September 11 2001 Twin Towers | 11 Photos and Quotes: Remembering September 11, 2001 | WWNN.co.uk. SHIT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL!

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I disguise myself well and play head games better i am one of the most dangerous creatures keep that in mind next time you try to piss me off

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Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

birthday in heaven for son | birthday son love and miss you always mum and dad xxxx happy birthday ...

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The truth hurts... You've been gone twelve days short of three years... I'll never get over losing you Robbie! All my love always ♥♥♥

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Check out We'll Always Have Paris/Waiting For Superman

Things take time so just be patient. #redbandsociety WED | SEPT 17 | FOX

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