Bacterial infections are PARASITE infections! Wormwood,cloves, green black walnut hulls,L-ornithine and L-arginine kills parasites. get at local health food store and visit

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Meningitis - Would You Know if your Child had it?

Meningitis - Would You Know If Your Child Had It

Know the signs of Meningitis from Serenity You. Very important read for parents!

Scared of sepsis? Prevent it by washing your hands regularly, keeping your vaccines currents, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle! Click over to this Okeechobee health care infographic to get more advice about preventing sepsis and protecting you

SEPSIS IS SERIOUS: Well, this was the most awful experience I have been through. I hope I never see sepsis on my medical chart!

Sepsis causes & symptoms

Sepsis Causes, Symptoms & 7 Natural Tips for Prevention

Sepsis is a severe systemic infection that spreads via the bloodstream. The good news is that there are many easy, natural ways to prevent sepsis.

Don't forget #sepsis is common in #paediatrics. Use a paed scoring system to ascertain risk @sepsis_kills @ACTHealth

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Today's 3.5 hour surgery was a nephrectomy with a 10cm tumour!! The most surreal thing. I got to f-in hold it!

Kidney Cancer #infographic

Today’s infographic comes from Mt. Sinai Hospital and covers the facts and statics on kidney cancer, This cancer is more common in men and is very uncommon under the age of With healthy lifestyle choices such as maintaining a healthy weight and not sm