The Daily Meal 101 Best Food Trucks in America 2015 -- #24 SEOUL TACO, ST. LOUIS I know what you’re thinking: another Korean-Mexican fusion truck? However, there is a reason Seoul Taco has remained one of the country’s top food trucks since 2012: the food is really flipping good. Fare from Seoul Taco includes the gogi bowl, with rice, fresh veggies, fried egg, sesame oil, and spicy gochujang pepper sauce; burritos with kimchi fried rice, lettuce, cheese, carrots, sour cream, and Seoul Sauce.

101 Best Food Trucks in America 2015

101 Best Food Trucks in America -- Seoul Taco St. The Daily Meal

Caramelized bulgogi - thin strips of marinated beef - may be the most well-known Korean meat preparation on the menu and worthy of your lunch break, but both the chicken (tender and moist dark meat) and spicy pork (look close, there is bacon in there) taco fillings are not to be missed either, so plan on ordering all three.

When it comes to eating from the Seoul Taco food truck, here is a nickel's worth of free advice: when you see it rolling up your street, drop what you

Planning a trip to St. Louis? Put finding the original Seoul Taco truck on your to do list.

Planning a trip to St. Put finding the original Seoul Taco truck on your to do list.

Seoul Taco  738 N. Clark Street  Chicago  (312) 265-1607  Bulgogi Beef Tacos  Serves 6 to 8 people  Ingredients:  3 pounds of flank steak or brisket, thinly sliced  1 cup soy sauce  1/2 cup white sugar  1 cup chopped green onion  1/2 cup minced garlic  2 Tablespoons sesame oil

Lunchbreak: Bulgogi beef tacos, prepared by Seoul Taco’s David Choi – WGN-TV

Such AMAZING flavors in these tacos! No wonder they're sweeping the West Coast!

Korean Bulgogi Kimchi Tacos - Asian Fusion at its Finest - Bulgogi Beef topped with Kimchi, creamy Aioli and tucked into a Tortilla

Korean kalbi (BBQ beef short rib) tacos. Amazing tacos with tender, juicy and the most delicious Korean kalbi |

Korean Kalbi Taco

How to Make Spicy Korean Coleslaw |  #koreanfood #coleslaw #cabbage #salad via @mykoreankitchen

Spicy Korean Coleslaw

Quick and easy spicy Korean coleslaw recipe. It has a spicy, tangy and sweet taste. A perfect side dish to Korean BBQ, tacos and hamburgers.

A condiment for bibimbap and other Korean dishes. Made with gochujang (or kochujang), a Korean red pepper paste that is a staple in Korean cooking.

Korean Spicy Bibimbap Sauce

This mildy spicy sauce is a condiment for Korean tacos, bibimbap rice bowls, and other Korean dishes. The primary ingredient is gochujang (or kochujang), a Korean red pepper paste that is a staple in (Korean Beef Recipes)

30+ Burrito Recipes That Will Pleasantly Surprise You

Korean BBQ Bangkok Burrito - An easy food-truck-style recipe you can make with a slow cooker! spicy beef, kimchi, rice, cilantro, and Sriracha mayo in a soft flour tortilla.

words & whisks: seoul taco knockoff

honey, lime, & sriracha chicken tacos with spicy seoul sauce

Copy Cat Recipe for Gogi Bowls

Our home cooked version of a local restaurant favorite. Spicy beef with rice and fresh greens, all topped with a delicious fried egg.