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Sentence Fragment Examples

Poof! Sentence Types – Players draw a strip and identify if it’s a sentence or fragment. If correct, they keep the strip. If they draw Poof!, they lose their strips.

Liked: This helped my fifth-grade students in our complex/compound/simple sentence lessons. /// Learned: Must...fake...enthusiasm


Complex Sentence Structure: A Hands-On Sentence Creating Activity

Complex Sentences! This sentence structure product includes 47 cut-apart pieces: 16 independent clause sentence strips in a story, 19 dependent clause signal words (subordinating conjunctions), and 12 punctuation pieces. It includes detailed directions (with photo examples) for a paired student activity led by the teacher.


Sentence Fragment and Run-on Sentence Bundle

This bundle contains two complete lessons on two related topics: sentence fragments and comma splices. Each contains a no-prep PowerPoint lesson with plenty of examples and ample practice opportunities. Save by purchasing them together! Bundle includes:Sentence Fragment Lesson1.

Build a better sentence! Here's how:1. Write a subject and verb.2. Add at least 2 parts.3. Move one part to the front of the subject and verb and place a comma after it.The instruction card provides examples for the above procedure. Then, there is a WHEN part card, WHERE part card, WHY part card, and HOW part card.


Wide range of punctuation and connectives L3-L5+; different types of complex sentences including 3+ clauses, includes formal/factual language and sentence structures; Range of NF : diary, informative and explanatory paragraphs Y5/6