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Different textures framed in a sensory garden; I have includes these different framed textures in my sensory board as they incorporate the idea of exploring textures for both the visually impaired as well as whose who are not. The overlapping frames allow

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We already have quite a few CDs on the walls, but I'm liking how these have been made into a patten - from Sin Yee Yap in Malaysia, image shared by let the children play (",)

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Des idées pour les bacs et murs sensoriels

Sensory Wall shared by The EYLF Page . An inspiring idea for show and tell ~ send home a piece of cardstock.......and on each childs' presentation day, voila! An artifact to add to the wall, and a discussion/ jumping off point.

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DIY Sensory/Music Wall for children with vision impairments. Simple layout to avoid visual clutter but enough items to provide experiences with cause and effect.

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The Ball Ramp Board This was definitely my pride and joy. Inspired by the stupidly expensive Vilac House of Balls toy, I made my own version from PVC pipes and wooden dowels. I think I might actually enjoy playing with this one a lot more than Henry does...

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DIY Sensory Board Fun for Children

DIY Sensory Board. Homemade Sensory Board Ideas. Activities for Children. Learning and Exploring Through Play.

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