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Touch and Feel Sensory Sticks

Sensory play is vital to early childhood development, create a handful of Touch and Feel Sensory Sticks in under 15 minutes and for less than a few dollars - meaningful toys don't need to expensive!


Free five senses activity for preschool and kindergarten

FREE resource. This post has some really awesome pictures and ideas for teaching about the 5 senses. At the bottom of the post is a link to download the cards above as a FREE set. Read more at:


Sensory Spice Painting - process art for kids with an aromatic twist!

Sensory Spice Painting - process art for kids with an aromatic twist! Gung ho grandma ❤️ Go to for great grandma ideas.


FREE 5 Senses Potato Head Game

Learning about the 5 Senses with Mr. Potato Heads plus free printable. Fun learning activity for preschool kids. For more information about the best Mobile App go to for preschools, daycares and afterschool programs!


Poem no. 4: My Five Senses

Sharks are so much better then humans, we have 6 senses! Sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell and electromagnetism. Sharks can sense movements of other fish through ampullae of Lorenzini, sensory organs located on our rostrum.


children learn different sensesK-3.1 Identify the distinct structures in the human body that are for walking, holding, touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, talking, and tasting.


My Five Senses and Popcorn- Preschool Observation Mini Book Printable

Here's a fun, hands on way to learn all about the five senses in preschool. Use the My Five Senses Preschool Mini Book printable and some popcorn and let preschoolers observe and record all about their five senses.