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Hilarious Senior Pranks | ... of other friends / q&a :: funny pictures :: damotivation :: prank

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party shout outs

Everyone that comes to your grad party could write down something for you to open when your graduate College

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Evan & I have always been on good terms. We're polar opposites, coming from completely different sides of the spectrum. But we meet in the middle on a lot of things, we think the same - but we think about different things. I really adore Evan, and I appreciate that we get along so well. I'm glad to share a senior year with such an amazing brother.

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MacPhun Tonality update brings free professional presets

In our latest Professional Photographer to the Rescue post our pro shares his best horse photography tips for taking equine pictures.

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Scrap it all and go with these! No glass walls and we can take them with us to the next location! From Individual Pods retail bank design absa 8.

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Twiddle muff. Sensory sleeve band muff for dementia, stroke, autism, brain trauma care stimulation and stress relief

Twiddle muff sensory tool for dementia alzheimers autism stress relief

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“I believe everything you do has to be rooted in real.. unconditional.. universal love. This is what brings us happiness” ~ Claudette Adjodha

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