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It is precisely in times of immunity from care that the soul should toughen itself beforehand for occasions of greater stress and it is while fortune is kind that it should fortify itself against her violence. Seneca the Younger

Pause and Revitalize #16

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. Seneca the Younger, Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist. (4 BCE - 65 AD)

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Seneca the Younger - Thyestes, ll. 401-403 [tr. Bacon

It is a sad fate for a man to die Too well known to everybody else, And still unknown to himself. [Illi mors gravis incubate Qui notus nimis omnibus Ignotus moritur sibi.] / Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC-AD 65) Roman statesman, philosopher, playwright [Lucius Annaeus Seneca] Thyestes, ll. 401-403 [tr. Bacon]

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Seneca the Younger

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Seneca The Younger Quote

"Sometimes it is an act of bravery even to live. " - Seneca the Younger #brave #survive #survival #roman #flower #pink #quotes

What madness is it, to be expected evil before it comes. ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca ( The Younger ) #evil #expect #madness #come #quotes

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." -- Seneca The Younger

The complete works of Seneca the Younger - Lucius Annaeus Seneca #bookoftheday #seneca #life #book #learning #hustle by vinwatanabe #saapienza