GOP infighting over ObamaCare could spill over into 2014 elections - The Hill's Ballot Box If the GOP doesn't get rid of obamacare they won't have to worry about the 2014 elections. We'll run our own candidates!

A lot of media attention has been paid to several high-profile Senate races during these 2014 Midterm Elections, but we want to show you something that hasn't been on the radar screens of most political analysts but could be the upset of the year! In New Jersey, incumbent Democrat Senator Cory Booker - who is extremely close friends with Barack Obama - has seen his support collapse.

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Great news to report today, fellow patriots. Three new polls are out in the Arkansas Senate race, and our Conservative Republican candidate, Tom Cotton, leads liberal Democrat incumbent Mark Pryor in all three!

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Politico is reporting today that Democrat Senator Mark Begich of Alaska is launching a new TV ad campaign to help prop up his re-election effort. It's no wonder that Democrat Mark Begich is running scared and taking to the TV airwaves to save his Senate seat. The Washington Examiner reports that for the very first time Begich is trailing his Republican opposition:

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Cat Takes Third In Virginia's Senate Race. Hank the Cat, a Maine coon who ran on a platform of “Jobs, Animal Rescue/Spay & Neuter programs, and Positive Campaign Reform” received 6,000 votes in Virginia's Senate election.

One of the most important battles in the Midterm Elections is the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana. If we can win this seat - and defeat Democrat incumbent Mary Landrieu - we will be on our way to ending Harry Reid's term as Majority leader... as Democrats will likely then be in the minority. But we have a problem - there is a battle shaping up to see which Republican candidate will be the one to defeat Mary Landrieu.

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