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Selling Craft Online: How to Write Good Product Descriptions -

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My Best Strategy For a Product-Based Business in 2016

Are you selling your product in person or on Etsy and thinking about setting up your own ecommerce shop? Or maybe you're ready to start a business, but haven't taken the steps to set up an online presence yet. Let's talk about how to get started, and make sure you're putting your best foot forward online.

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15 Easy Tips You Can Use Today to Take eBay & Etsy Pictures That Sell Your Items

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Thrift Store Flipping for Profit

Turn thrift store treasure hunting into your full-time job. Click through to find out how this expert seller started selling second-hand items for profit…

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Best Place To Sell Second Hand Books Online

If you're looking for a way to make extra money, there is an easy way to make a regular passive income by selling second hand books online.

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The Etsy Journals

Today we're going to talk about the tricky bits that come with selling online: things like finding a supplier, managing stock, packing and shipping. Click to get your shop logistics in order today.

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4 top tips for selling your art online

Click to enlarge You've created some incredible artwork and you want to start selling it. How you go about this is a question many an artist has asked at some point during their career.

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Everything you need to know about tax if you sell craft online -

Everything you need to know about tax and self-assessment if you're a small creative businesses. Are you registered for self-assessment? Do you need to be? What records should you be keeping? What expenses can you claim?

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