Updated for 2014-2015. This is a calendar journal that I use in my self-contained classroom. It contains minimal writing; my students use a highlighter or crayon to color in the correct answer. This is great for students with limited handwriting skills. It is beneficial for students that are learning days of the week, months of the year, the year, the date, the weather, and days in school with place value.

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Designing Your Special Education ClassroomStep I - Classroom Design (Resource Room and Self Contained classroom only. Inclusion Class teachers proceed to Step II.) Setting up the physical structure of your classroom is a personal choice. However,...

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Need help putting together a schedule for your special education classroom? Look no further! Check out how I put mine together for my self contained classroom!

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The first two weeks of schools are critical in any classroom... especially in a special needs classroom. We need to be on our game all. the. time - visual schedules ready, intentional and functional activities planned, and so much more than what actually gets written on our lesson plans. BLOG POST at Mrs. D's Corner.

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