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Parenting: 10 Ways to Nurture Your Child's Self-Concept

Self-concept can be defined as the view one has of herself and her abilities. A child’s self-concept begins to develop at birth. It begins with how adults respond to her. What can parents do to nurture a positive self-concept?

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The concept of the "Inner Child" & positive self talk - taking to yourself as you would a child, with kind gentle & supportive words.

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"A Back to School Idea for Building Student Self-Concept- Adjective Silhouettes {Sparking Student Motivation}"

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Love using this method to get the students to contribute to a plenary session. Quite useful to pick a few and run through solutions or Ask other students how they could solve the issues raised. These work at their best when they link back to the Learning Objectives. Allows you during the next starter be able to speak to students about any concepts they didn't grasp in small groups of students who flagged up similar issues. I use this quite often when getting students to develop…

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All About Me Drawing & Writing - Great Activity for New Years 2017

Fun, contemporary back-to-school "all about me" lesson! Have your students draw "selfies" and describe their summer via text message prompts. Makes for a great bulletin board display!!

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Collaboration Cuties

A Back to School Idea for Building Student Self-Concept- Adjective Silhouettes. LOVE this idea for back to school. So cute and fun for older grades.

Activity for getting to know new clients & Exploring Issues of Self-Concept Have child sort based on how they see themselves, how they think others see them (parent, teacher, classmates), or what a friend looks like. Goals can be set by asking what traits they want to work on.

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