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Philips Arena

Want to see Selena live on her Revival Tour? Join the Selena Fan Group and Waiting lists to attend the concert on June 9, 2016.


my everything you are the reason why I am still here alive. I know I'm just another selenator to you but I truly adore you,and will always love and support you no matter want. LOVE YOU BABE!!!!! ALWAYS xx


They still love you! Selena Gomez wows a sold out audience in Amsterdam... as her new movie Getaway bombs at the box office


Selena Gomez sshe inks new record deal with Interscope

This Dress is gorgeous, I have one like it, sheer nylon, double layered chiffon, in pink, but the Split is on the side , up to thigh, being a non- op Tgirl with my gorgeous mum, from my early teens, when mum loved and started to dress me as a girl, to both our desire, and pleasure, going through my female hormone transsition, living as a girl in my teens, Dressing constantly as a girl, and loving mum Dressing me as a girl, and helping me Dress up, and my love of Dressing up with mum, as a…