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Inspiración de estilo nórdico y vitrinas

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Barter Books in Alnwick, Northumberland. One of the biggest second-hand book shops in Britain! Free tea and coffee next to a roaring fire plus a cafe further inside that serves food. Yum. Used to be an old railway station. One of my favouritest places to browse for old books :)

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Teenage inventor takes the world's first 'unicycle' motorbike for a spin

Gyroscopically balanced bike ... Concept design motorcycles and scooters - innovation

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Banksy's Inspiration Got This Amazing Talent Become a Street Artist

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Bike Radar grills Jared Graves on the details of his Yeti 303WC Carbon race bike.

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Surly ECR - Off Road Bike Touring - South Africa. I'm really coming around on fat bikes and should try one.

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Keeping Up Appearances; English Comedy at its Finest

'Keeping Up Appearances' is the most British and character-based comedy from the BBC (and for us in North America, PBS)

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Customized '50s Cycles : Detail Porteur Bicycle

Customized '50s Cycles - The Detail Porteur Bicycle is Vintage with a Contemporary Twist (GALLERY)

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