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Dartboard Cake Tutorial 1. Find a suitable template (there are loads online) and print it out 2. Cut out one segment to use as your cutting guide 3. Start with the cream sugarpaste. Roll into a strip (long and wide enough to get 10 triangles 4. Repeat using black sugarpaste 5. Using your template as a guide, piece together your segments and once you're happy transfer onto your cake 6. Now using red and green sugarpaste, roll and cut out long thin strips and cut down to size using your…


Segways: the final frontier. To boldly go where no man has gone before… OK, that’s not quite how it goes. But let’s face it: you’ve travelled from A to B in everything from trains, planes to automobiles, so why not try the Seg-way?

Sterling Silver Leaf Ear Cuff Earrings

sterling silver leaf ear cuff earrings by otis jaxon silver and gold jewellery |


Play Dough Rangoli Mandalas


Green & Red Chunky 6) Never stop looking for inspiration, especially outside the world of turning. 7) A finished turning will always look better than one only half turned. By finished what you start you just may surprise yourself. 8) The proper way to use any tool is whichever way works best for you. 9) Never be discouraged by people saying." That's pretty, what is it?" 10) Design gimmicks and fads have the approximate life span of free burl at a turner's convention. Avoid them at all…


'Hygge' is the Danish concept of "winter coziness." If you want to actually enjoy Winter, click through for 29 cozy-fying, awesome ideas! //


29 Meals You Won't Believe Are Made In A Microwave

If you're looking for something to make in 10 minutes or less, we've got you covered...from breakfast all the way to dessert!


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Chofexpress Conductor Android App - , Chofexpress - APLICACIÓN CONDUCTOR¡Recibe pedidos de viaje directamente en tu celular! Es seguro y muy sencillo de usar. Descarga la aplicación y comienza a disfrutar de todos los beneficios.- REQUISITOS o Celular con sistema Android o Acceso a Internet desde el Celular o GPS activado- BENEFICIOS o GRATIS o Recibe MÁS VIAJES y de forma más RÁPIDA Y FÁCIL o Gracias al GPS, se te asignará los viajes MÁS CERCANOS o Gana SEGURIDAD o Tienes…


SEG Toys My Chemical Romance Gerard Way Action Figure Spencer's Dunlop GAT pick

SEG Toys My Chemical Romance Gerard Way Action Figure Spencer s Dunlop GAT pick

SEG Toys My Chemical Romance Mikey Way Action Figure Spencer's Dunlop GAT pick

SEG Toys My Chemical Romance Mikey Way Action Figure Spencer s Dunlop GAT pick


How he become powerful on social media. Compared to how trump also became popular. Info From the Fringe with Alex Jones: VICE News Tonight on HBO (Full Segment) - YouTube

Wildwood Palace is a weird, lovely mixture of death and life. It has old stone, like ruins, and everything is over run by nature. Is it one with nature? Or is nature overtaking the palace, inch by inch? Was it designed and created this way? Only the Aethelings know ...


Best friends:: My besty is my sistas. My sistas are my homegirls. My homegirls are my BFF's. And I love them biotches the way they are. (^•^)


USB digital TV clip comes with 4GB onboard

USB digital TV clip comes with 4GB onboard | Most gadget fans in the West have yet to get their hands on mobile digital TV devices like the 1-seg phones and mini TVs in Japan, but there's no reason why we can't give you a sneak preview of the goodies that might come our way one day Buying advice from the leading technology site

Pin-On Paperclip Pendants

Pin-On Paperclip Pendants - These Unique Pendants are Re-Thinking What Necklaces Should Look Like (In many ways they're more similar to brooches than necklaces/pendants, which wouldn't make them as unique as the article makes them out. Still fun, though.)