Beautiful Autumn themed color combinations - Great pairing to keep in mind for graphic design.

Autumn Color

family room color - navy, yellow, orange navy blue color scheme --> color scheme for in a kitchen

{ cacti color } image via: @1lifethroughthelens color combination, color palettes, color scheme, color inspiration, visual communication.

Cacti Color

Queen Sheets Alyssas Pallette Blue Grey Pink jessica colaluca, design seeds Paars tinten jessica colaluca, design seedsCorner vanity bench topped with a gray

{ nature blues } | image via: @emilycontephotography

Nature Blues

{ nature blues } | image via: @emilycontephotography

Succulent Tones | Design Seeds

Succulent Tones

Succulent Tones | Design Seeds

#Farbberatung #Stilberatung #Farbenreich mit { color sea } | image via: @LBTOMA

Color Sea

#Farbberatung #Stilberatung #Farbenreich mit { color sea } | image via: @LBTOMA

Seeds | colour pallet voor het optimisme in deze keuze

poppy yellow (design seeds)

today's inspiration image for { poppy yellow } is by the talented . thank you Cristina for another incredibly inspiring image share!

<p>Launched by Jessica Colaluca, Design Seeds is a color and inspiration site that celebrate colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living. Design Seeds has become her full-time job, a

Design Seeds: Color Palettes Inspired by Nature

today's inspiration image for { succulent hues } is by . thank you for your fresh + inspiring photo share, Kristi! Taken by designseeds on Friday August 2015

{ heavenly hues } image via: @ozgecenberci

Heavenly Hues

Heavenly Hues by Design Seeds. Pastel color palette that is perfect for the beginning of Spring.

{ color blues } image via: @anniebluelowry

Color Blues

today's inspiration image for { color blues } is by thank you Anna for another gorgeous image share! by designseeds

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This palette for the living room? - Quiet dark gray that blends perfectly with the bright red and soft beige and cream, and a stylish burgundy puts the final accent. This combination of colors is perfect for the office or living room.