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Kanny Wheelie Bin Storage with Planter with No Doors W174cm x H146cm

Kanny Wheelie Bin Storage with Planter with No Doors W174cm x H146cm £249.00

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Sedum acre (Yellow Stonecrop) It forms a dense carpet of fleshly, green leaves and countless star-shaped yellow flowerets. This evergreen plant is a ground cover that holds its leaves in winter.

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Red Stonecrop (Sedum Spurium 'Schorbuser Blut') - a very attractive border plant that does not mind the shade & can be used as a ground cover under trees & shrubs.

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Sedum sarmentosum - Spreads rapidly, aggressively. Good for extremely poor soils and contained areas.

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Sinuous curves of cor-ten steel edged lawn sweep across Paal Grant's 'Conversation' garden

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A Whole Bunch Of Beautiful & Enchanting Garden Paths ~ Part 5

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Paths and walkways are an integral part of every garden. They allow you to get from one place to another easily in order to maintain the garden.

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Low-Maintenance Ground Covers That Suppress Weeds

Dragon's blood sedum may be the hardiest and most versatile of all weed-suppressing ground covers. A cultivar of the succulent Sedum spurium, Dragon's blood ('Schorbuser Blut') is hardy in Zones 3-8. Not only does it grow in full sun as well as partial shade, but it also thrives in poor soil.

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13 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Gardening

Selecting plants for gardening can be overwhelming at first if you are a new gardener or venturing into a new category of gardening. We've put together a simple guide to help you identify plants for gardening that are tried and true for gardeners across the country. Whether you're looking to add color or grow your own food, here are our top easy plants for gardening.

Shade-loving Fern Ostrich is an elegant ground cover for moist areas. Great native plant grows up to 6 feet tall!

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Walk-On-Me Plant is a creeping thyme that grows only 3" tall. (Also called Mother of Thyme). Plant around flagstones or for a decorative, dense-growing ground cover. Walk on it and the whole area will be filled with the aromatic smell of fresh thyme. It grows well in partial shade to full sun and hard-to-plant areas. Spreads rapidly.

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Sedums For Hardy Ground Cover by treasures4u2c

Incredible Edible Gardens

54 Spectacular Garden Paths

Stairs, steps going up walkway into California garden with succulent groundcover mix

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Low-Maintenance Ground Covers That Suppress Weeds

Try Creeping Phlox...Red Creeping Thyme, and Mazus for some low-maintenance ground covers that suppress weeds

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