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Seductive Photos of Pin-Up Girls in Vintage Style

female posing ideas for my makeup portfolio... ideas for pics.

Posing Guide: 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Women – Part I

Sophia Loren's confidence and feminine, seductive style seen in these amazing pictures. #FIB #ICONS #SophiaLoren

A Guess Ad from the Some dumbass thinks it's Sophia Loren.

Laura Wells for London Boudoir Photography - Laura Wells for London Boudoir Photography

Dangerous Woman - Photographed by Mateusz Sitek Stylist Vicky Kiesa Makeup Jorge Balzaretti Retouch Alena Zolotnikova Model Georgia Salamat / NEVS London

Seductive black and white by Desert-Winds

I like how the darkness around her eyes but her actual eye is way bright, the hole picture shows mystery almost.

See this Instagram photo by @lisamcconniffe • 339 likes

From a glance it almost looks like razors incorporated into the nails, which I think is symbolic of the femme fatale mentality as a whole. "My nails are like daggers against your skin, so sweetly seductive".

You are more then skin and bone. You are an entire universe, so don't let society tell you otherwise. - lara jade photography

Photography by Lara Jade