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Roasted carrots with ginger and orange

Roasted carrots with orange & ginger. A touch of warming spice and a dash of orange zest make these simple roasted carrots a perfect autumn or winter side dish. Delicious!


Potato roses

Tutorial: how to make potato roses. The most beautiful thing you can make with a potato. These gorgeous potato roses add a touch of glamour or romance to any plate. Simple, but impressive!


Illustration of a father, mother, son and daughter eating a passover seder meal.

Vegetable pudding (kugel)

Vegetable pudding (kugel) | Derived in name and form from German kugel puddings, the Jewish kugel, a bake of various grated vegetables and egg, is a popular side dish made during festive holidays. For Passover Seder, grain products of noodles or pasta are often replaced with matzo meal.

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Passover Dessert Recipe Roundup

Passover Dessert Recipe Roundup - Dozens of sweet ideas for your Passover Seder meal on

15 Modern Passover Recipes for Your Seder Feast

This is not your grandma's Seder meal.


This Passover Seder is not just any Passover Seder. Yes, there will be a quick service and then a festive meal afterwards, but this night...

Traditional Apple-Walnut Charoset

Passover Entertaining

The night the Israelites were liberated from slavery in Egypt, they ate a meal that consisted of roasted lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs. Since then, Jews have held ceremonial meals on the first two nights of Passover, a week-long holiday commemorating the momentous event. The following menus will help you plan your Passover celebration.Traditional Seder DinnerGefilte Fish with Fresh Beet HorseradishMatzo Ball SoupBrisket of BeefTzimmesSteamed AsparagusHelen Nash's Chocolate Alm...