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Embattled Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric...

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VA official resigns in wake of scandal over wait times, care -

News about the resignation of Dr. Robert Petzel, undersecretary for health in the Department of Veterans Affairs, came one day after he spoke at a Senate hearing about the issue alongside Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) elevated the timeless issue of veteran compensation, disability aid, and pensions to the level of a cabinet department in 1989. The current institution is a descendant of the Veterans Administration established in 1930 to care of veterans of WW1, and decentralized following WW2 to handle vastly more veterans. Today, the VA employs around 300,000 people and enjoys a budget of $100 billion. Its secretary is 17th in the Presidential line of secession.


FILE - In this Feb. 25, 2016, file photo, Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald speaks in Washington. Two years after a scandal over long wait times for veterans seeking health care, the Department of Veterans Affairs still has "profound deficiencies" in delivering health care to millions of veterans, a congressional commission says in a new report. The Commission on Care says in a report to be released July 6 that the VA delivers high-quality health care but is inconsistent from one…

August 15, 2002 Jesse Brown, the first African American to serve as United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, died. In 1967, he joined the staff of Disabled American Veterans and in 1989 became the DAV’s first African American director. He served in that position until 1993 when he was selected by President William J. Clinton to become Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Brown served in that capacity until 1997.


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1 Every signed petition we can gather will be immediately sent to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald, so once you have signed your petition, please be sure to forward this email to everyone you know who loves our veterans and supports religious freedom. If you want the Bible to remain in these displays honoring America's heroes, you must sign this online petition to the VA Secretary right now.


Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki; previously, as the 4-star Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Shinseki became the highest ranked Asian American ever in the milita


House Democrat Unleashes On VA Officials for Lying to Congress ~ Pub on May 22, 2014 ~ Rep. David Scott (D-GA) unloads on the incompetence of the Veterans Administration whereas 5,600 veterans commit suicide annually. "The first person we need to fire is Secretary of Veterans Affairs Mr. Shinseki himself," he said.