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Secret Garden Band

Ring | Chuck Domitrovich of Down to the Wire Designs. "Secret Garden". Sterling silver and labradorite


DROPS square knitted jacket with lace pattern on the back, cuffs and bands in ”Alpaca” and ”Kid-Silk”. Size S-XXXL. ~ DROPS Design


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and magical festivals in all the land, the Secret Garden Party overflows with creativity, colour and mystery. Set in a 10 acre landscaped garden, the Secret Garden Party is a true escape from normality, with surprises and new experiences around every corner. #music #festivals #summer


In My Secret Garden Recycled Band

In My Secret Garden Recycled Band by FernandoJewelry on Etsy

Secret Garden is an award-winning Irish—Norwegian duo playing new instrumental music, also sometimes erroneously known as Neo-classical music. They won Eurovision in 1995 with the song Nocturne for Norway. And truly one of my favorite bands ever!