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50 Powerful Examples Of Visual Propaganda And The Meanings Behind Them

I took work at the textile factory. Beyond The Blue Door.

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Vintage photograph of London during the Second World War in 1939-40. Photographer George Rodger.

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PICTURES FROM HISTORY: Rare Images Of War, History , WW2, Nazi Germany: Eastern Front (Russian Front) Second World War: 1945: The Last Months Of the War

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Bill Brandt - underground bomb shelters of London during the Blitz in 1940

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Labelled with love - what really happened to the evacuee kids in World War Two

evacuees, evacuation second world war, england evacuees, documentary second world war evacuation, operation pied piper, pied piper BBC2, Lon...

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Quirky photos from Britain's past... Bananas were a crowd puller: A scene from Bethnal Green, east London in 1946. Smiling women queuing for the much awaited bananas which have been scarce since the beginning of the Second World War.

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How the 'Lumberjills' helped win the war

There were 8,700 women recruited as Lumberjills during the Second World War and it was 2008 before they received any recognition for their role

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London and the Thames: in pictures

An Italian newspaper shows German planes swooping over the Thames during the Blitz. The river area was heavily targeted by bombers in the Second World War, with the Docklands hit by over 2,500 bombs. It took until the 1960s for the damage to be repaired.

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Pioneering female pilot who flew Spitfires during Second World War and became magazine cover girl dies aged 91

Maureen Dunlop de Popp, a female pilot who flew Spitfires, Lancasters and Hurricanes during the Second World War, has died aged 91. Dunlop joined the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in 1942 and became one of a small group of female pilots based at White Waltham in Berkshire who were trained to fly 38 types of aircraft between factories and military airfields across the country.

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Eating for Victory: original Second World War ration recipes

Eating for Victory: original Second World War ration recipes - Telegraph

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