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Identifying Graphs of First and Second Derivatives Activity

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Identifying Graphs of First and Second Derivatives Activity

Calculus Graphical Organizer (could be modified to use as "when to use statistical techniques or charts")

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Calculus: Second Derivative Test

Students will find points of inflection and concavity of a function. Students will apply the Second Derivative Test to locate where concavity changes and the behavior of a function. You get a set of notes, SmartBoard lesson, daily content quiz, homework assignment and all solutions. No preparation time.

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Calculus: Graphs of the Derivatives Task Cards , PowerPoint, Graphic Organizer

Discerning Between the Graphs of f, f ', and f ''.This innovative resource is designed for Calculus 1 or AP Calculus AB. This topic is found in Unit 3, Applications of the Derivative. Students examine three graphs, one blue, one black, and one red, superimposed on the same coordinate grid to determine which is the graph of original function, the graph of first derivative, and the graph of the second derivative, using their knowledge about derivatives, increasing and decreasing functions…

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