Yes yes yes.  With your close friends it really hurts when you know you'll never be more than their second choice.

Hate feel like a second chose

Amen !! @momentaryhappiness

That's the problem with falling in love with the most selfish person you have ever met

FINALLY! SHIT! FINALLYYY!  A quote that shows how most of the people in my life have treated me; a second choice; a background. "I'll go to her when it's convenient or when i need her because meh, i know she'll be there"  And that is where i fucked up, those people are out of my life now

I would love to be the safe place, but I also expect it to be mutual. The effort is matched Actions speak sweetie. If you claim to be so different, why don't you show it instead of constantly speaking it.

You can lie and say you don't have those feelings for me, but we both know you're full of shit. let's be honest, real, and move the fuck on.

My question to you is why are you trying to save a relationship that they're not even concerned with losing? Why in the hell are you fighting for something that no longer deserves your energy?

You don't have to be anybody's 'sometime' or even a second choice.

Sometimes I feel like your sometimes and I don't like being second choice.

honestly, one of my friends has replaced me. She'll still message me when she needs help but for nothing else

I will be. And I will help you get through it all. Even if I can't make you want to stop cutting or thinking about killing yourself, I'll sure as hell prevent you from killing yourself. I will help you through it. Carry on warrior, carry on.

Not cute but very true.

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I choose me even with my horrible side! I choose me!

Okay, so  I might make a seperate character boards...just the main ones like Amy and Tim for now. :)

Parents, should never make their children feel this way. Never good enough.

I should really let him go.. I know I'm his first and he's great but deep down I know he's my second choice.

the girl left out quotes - This is exactly how I feel right now.