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WWI. ‘Sammy’, the mascot of the Northumberland Fusiliers, was gassed during the Second Battle of Ypres which began on 22 April 1915.

Map of the Ypres Salient to show the area of ground gained by the Germans by the end of the day on 22 April 1915.

from Clattery MacHinery on Poetry

Verse for Veterans: First Foe to Flanders Fields

Map to show the German objective for the infantry attack following a surprise gas cloud.

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Gas on the Front: Second Battle of Ypres

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The second battle of Ypres was the first time people (German)used chlorine gas as a weapon. Germans had on gas masks(which they invented)when they used chlorine gas as a grenade. This weapon was illegal in war and if you were caught with it you would be killed. 6,000 people died of suffer-cation due to gas or from the ensuing attack. The interesting fact is that although the Germans were unfair the Canadians held their ground and never lost to Them.