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Muchelney Church tiled floor, Somerset,UK. These medieval tiles were originally laid in the Abbey next door but have now been preserved in the Parish church. They were made in the thirteenth century.


Fountain of the Four Rivers (Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy) The Lion from the rock form at the bottom

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer dubbed 'world's worst CEO'

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer dubbed 'world's worst CEO' | Steve Ballmer is the world's worst CEO, according to business bible Forbes. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Golden Roman Helmet, found near the remains of Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia). Probably from around 14BC - 1st Century AD.


Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus Ok just give me a sec that was the most beautiful thing ever<<<< reason #917271916362919 to love Emily