Sebastian blunt

Ahahaha Will and Jace Herondale. Mortal instruments. City of bones. The infernal devices

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Draco Malfoy aka Tom Felton. I always had a crush on Draco something about him just made me fall in love. Draco malfoy is life

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Smoking that sea weed Ariel - Little Mermaid Joint rolling Sebastian #Dank weed marijuana ganja green sinsemilla my nug high baked Stoners bong sweet Mary Jane pot smoke 420 cannabis stoned baked grass #high as fuck #Burning Trees Disney princess.

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He looked upset with me. "You're not gonna be his compass anymore?" I knew that's what he was being blunt about. I didn't realise he thought I would care for someone else the way I cared for him.

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"Damn, was a busy ass day yesterday, huh?" Cyn asked. She wasn't really into guys, but she would always be blunt when she was. Bee laughed, realising just how many pictures Stace had taken.

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