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Seaweed Salad Recipe

Seaweed salads are easy to make and delicious to taste. Here are a few of their recipes that you can try your hand at.

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Asian vermicelli salad with peanuts

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Sushi Lovers Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad: 1 ounce dried seaweed or wakame 1/4 cup shallot, scallion or red onion 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 1 teaspoon mirin (or sugar) 1/2 tablespoon dark sesame oil 1 pinch cayenne salt, if necessary 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds

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Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad recipe. I omit the sugar and can substitute apple cider vinegar if no rice wine vinegar in the cupboard.

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wakame, 1 oz. dried wakame seaweed, cut into strips 4 TB rice vinegar 2 TB sesame oil 4 TB soy sauce 1 tsp ginger, grated 1 rsp garlic, minced 3 green onions, thinly sliced 1 TB white sesame seeds, toasted 1/2 TB chilli flakes Soak seaweed in warm water for 5-6 minutes until tender. Meanwhile, combine vinegar, sesame oil, soy, ginger, green onions, chillie flakes and garlic. Toss seaweed strips with dressing and sesame seeds. Let sit for 10 minutes

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Seaweed Salad Recipe

Japanese Seaweed Salad = Mixed seaweed + 1 rice vinegar + toasted sesame oil + soy sauce + sugar + salt + ginger juice + sesame seeds + scallion

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Spicy Sockeye Salmon Poke Bowls

Spicy Sockeye Salmon Poke Bowls - Healthy and flavorful Luxe Gourmets protein infused with Japanese inspired flavors for a delicious gourmet meal! |

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Making a Homemade Seaweed Salad There are several packaged mixes on the market today, but nothing comes quite as close to making your own homemade seaweed salad from seaweeds you can select yourself, using the best quality available for highest nutritive