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Season 8 gag reel. "Am I out of the frame?" This has got to be the best gag reel yet! I was literally crying of laughter through the whole thing!

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Sherlock and Mycroft -The Six Thatchers

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Supernatural on

It has never been like that. I need you too see that Sammy, I'm begging you. Dean Sam in the Season 8 Finale. 8x23 Sacrifice << just rewatched this a few days ago... cried like a friggin baby!

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Misha and Mark LOL at Supernatural season 8 gag reel. Cas & Crowley <3 Misha's tongue looks heart shaped

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Can we ALL agree that ALL of the Winchesters seem to be hot as heck, whether it's throughout their whole lives or at some age in their lifetimes?

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The 25 Most WTF Episodes Of "Supernatural"

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