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In pictures: The life and career of Sir Sean Connery

The only Bond to win an Oscar - Sean Connery. He won it for "The Untouchables" though, not for a Bond movie.

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Sean Connery. I discovered him in "The Man Who Would Be King," and didn't care that he was the first James Bond. I was taken with him in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and in "The Untouchables."

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These 47 Photos From The Past Prove That People Used To Be Ridiculously Classy.

The 50 Classiest People From The Past. I Wish We Were Still This Cool...

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Classics: Old Hollywood (23 photos)

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In pictures: The life and career of Sir Sean Connery

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Sean Connery -The Man Who Would Be King -A Bridge Too Far -Outland -Finding Forrester -The Untouchables

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He looks so handsome in his black topcoat.You are such a classy man. He is a man of steel and velvet and such a romantic. ,I love you my love.

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Join the paparazzi! How to take perfect party pictures

Sean Connory takes a picture of Brigitte Bardot in Deauville, France, to film Edward Dmytryks 1968 western Shalako

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