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Neptune Makeup Tutorial

Add some color to your drama!! Beautiful look called "Neptune" (using Makeup Geek's Neptune & Fuji) by Allysaddiction. For the full list of whats used and other inspiring looks, check out the Idea Gallery! –

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Instead of Kam dark visor, I settled for his and Sherman's mask in New KiLLa Kam Jersey. I had my Wilson, Lynch, And even orange Bears Hester jersey watching the game tonight in 26_6 playoff beat down on Detroit. Us athletes are always superstitious. It works... best SS in NFL #KamChancellor #LOB #Seahawks #12s

Princess Jasmine Makeup Tutorial

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Watching the Seahawks game tonight without you is hard. I miss my best friend sitting next to me, talking about the game and laughing. I love you and wish you were here with me. Please change your mind and come back to me.

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So all week I was thinking the game was Sunday. Nope! And nobody bothered to correct me! Hahaha Tonight it's a hotel room divided. #seahawks #lions #onepride #detroit #wildcard No comments about my hair. I just worked out so I figured my hubs would rather me not smell like a sweaty beast from now til midnight.

Allll the time. Seriously, though, I can't even get slightly annoyed without people being like " Oh, don't get the ginger mad, she's gonna blow up."

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