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Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Shrimp Scampi Pizza with a thin, crispy crust, garlic-lemon sauce, and cheeses |

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Italian broccoli & salmon bake

I used tinned salmon, and sun dried tomato pesto instead of sun dried tomatoes, and also added peas (no capers) - delicious!

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Cod & chorizo stew

Fancy a fish supper ready in under half an hour? Mix up your midweek meal with our satisfyingly spicy chorizo and cod stew

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White Sauce Grilled Seafood Pizza

Two things people don't think of first when thinking of pizza is one seafood, and second the grill but making a grilled seafood pizza is a wonderful way to enjoy pizza that isn't the normal boring pizza.

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Tomato & thyme cod

I left out the soy sauce and sugar but added garlic and black olives, as some others had suggested. Also made the same amount of sauce but for not 4 (which was the right amount). Delicious.

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Wood-fired shellfish

This dish is a real treat to share with a bunch of friends. Serve it straight from the oven with hunks of fresh bread for dipping into the cooking juices.

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Salmon and watercress quiche. A gorgeous recipe to cook now that spring and Easter are on their way. A brilliant to make when cooking for a crowd.

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Seafood Pizza

Seafood Pizza from This was created to mimic the wonderful seafood pizza we used to enjoy at Pizzeria Uno in Cincinnati Ohio. It's especially easy with a boboli crust but making your own crust may taste better. I recommend using the fake crab ra

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