Bite Size Bible Study: Anger is a Serious Sin! ~ The following passages not only give you the Biblical perspective on anger, they also are great passages to copy onto cards so you can daily pray through them. The benefit of reciting, memorizing and reading Scripture to overcome sin is discussed in this Bite Size study: I Can't Change! And be sure to read the insights for that study HERE. [...]

10 Encouraging Bible Verses (Inspiring & Uplifting Scriptures)

SARAH YOUNG DEVOTIONAL (JESUS CALLING) - Rest in the deep assurance of My unfailing Love. Let your body, mind, and spirit relax in My Presence. Release into My care anything that is troubling you, so that you can focus your full attention on Me. Be awed by the vast dimensions of My Love for you: wider, longer, higher, and deeper than anything you know. Rejoice that this marvelous Love is yours forever! The best response to this glorious gift is a life steeped in thankfulness. Every time you…

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Mark 11:25 “And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” || Prayer from the #instapray app. Download the free prayer app on and #Pray with the whole world.


When it comes to forgiveness, we tend to overcomplicate it and yes, we sometimes act as if we’re a higher power that can bestow forgiveness on people while refusing to forgive ourselves, which results in us feeling angry, wounded, and trapped in a disappointment cycle. Forgiveness is about letting g…


Do not let the Devil get a all things, be wholesome to build up others Eph. 4: 26-29

When past hurts rise up and our spiritual lives grow cold, it’s time to bare our hearts to our Heavenly Father, who changes hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. He is faithful to fill us with grace as many times as we need. On repeat. Forever. - Christina Hubbard


Verses To Sweeten Your Life & Help You Overcome Bitterness

The desire for revenge comes in many different packages and it is all fueled by bitterness. It is fueled by anger and offenses. Bitterness takes a tole on a person. Harboring anger causes all kinds of havoc in your life and health. Today I want to share some scriptures for overcoming bitterness. As an self proclaimed expert lemonade maker (by lemonade I mean that country time powder stuff of course) I know that to balance that sour and tart flavor you gotta sweeten it up! What is…

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