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Holiday and Summer Break Screen Time Rules for Kids

Holiday and Summer Rules for Screen Time, Free Printable, Manage screen time for kids, Setting Screen Time Limits, Get Kids interested in fun activities.


How to Get Your Kids to Love Doing Chores

I decided my kids need more accountability for how much screen time they get.... So I made these Popsicle sticks... And now... They are seriously fighting over who gets to do what chores... Wow... Smh... At least I will have a clean house!! #momwin


15 easy, fun and mess-free alternatives here, because you can't be 100% hands on all the time for a TV free home. For 3 years old and younger


How to Get Kids to Listen, Limit Electronics, and Get Ungrounded

How to Get Kids to Listen Using the Penny Method - Use this DIY behavior chart and method to create more structure in life at home! You're guaranteed to yell less, limit screen time for your kids, and help them get ungrounded if they do misbehave! Full tutorial and video on the blog. Thrift Diving


How to manage screen time for kids - plus a new link up

Wondering how to manage screen time for kids? Here are 10 great tips to keep technology from taking over your family's life!


How I made my kids accountable for their screen time...with one simple trick

HOW TO GET KIDS TO EARN EARN SCREEN TIME: Great way to monitor the amount of time your child spends online, and to encourage them to help out around the house!


12 Smartphone Addiction Apps to Control Screen Time

Are your kids spending too much time on screen? How about yourself? Use these screen control apps to help the whole family limit the screen time and have more quality family time together.


Clean Time for Screen Time + Free Chore Chart Printable

My kids were spending way too much time on their tablets or watching TV. This free chore chart has helped them get active in our household chores and earn a limited amount of screen time each day. Plus I never hear them complain of being bored anymore! #AvoidTheOops AD


4 Ways To Limit Kids' Screen Time

Negotiating and Earning Screen Time. Great idea. Still need to work through the details of how I want to use this. I'd love to have them use reading/writing to earn screen time.