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Scotland Food And Drink

Scotland's stunning new answer to Route 66

The coastal NC500 route has been created to showcase what the far north of Scotland has to offer, including local food, drink, accommodation and activities

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Scottish Tattie, Neep and Carrot Soup

Scottish Tattie, Neep and Carrot Soup. A traditional winter soup from Scotland, full of seasonal vegetables and packed with flavour. A great comfort dish for winter.

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Cullen Skink is the tastiest soup on the planet. it's basically scottish chowder, I suppose. really simple but totally flavour-packed. smoked haddock poached in milk and cream with leeks and potatoes. I love it made really chunky and served with crusty hunks of french bread.

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Raspberry cranachan trifle

Raspberry cranachan trifle. A twist on the Scottish classic, with crunchy flapjack-style toasted oats.

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Neeps & tatties

Scottish Neeps and Tatties! (turnips and potatoes) traditionally goes with Haggis but great as any side! Love the name!

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This Farmers' Bacon Bake is one of our top 15 Mary Berry recipes for winter and a tasty treat for the whole family. Check out the list here:

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