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Drop Scones (Scotch Pancakes)

If there’s one type of baking I feel I’ve mastered, it’s pancakes! I’ve even joked about writing my own recipe book solely of different pancake recipes. And it all started with these little beauties. Drop Scones, also known as Scotch Pancakes, are something I’ve been baking since my childhood and something that Granny has alwaysRead More


Scotch Pancakes by Mary Berry

This Scotch Pancakes recipe by Mary Berry guides you on how to make these darling little pancakes, also known as drop scones. Enjoy more pins inspired by Outlander here:


Scottish Pancakes

Scottish Pancakes | | These are the fluffiest, sweetest, most delicious pancakes I have ever made!


Scotch Pancakes

When I was a child, we often had Scotch pancakes (out of a packet) when we got home from school. And the thing - for those of you who don't know - about Scotch pancakes is that they are not eaten like pancakes - hot with syrup and a knife and fork - but like toast, spread with butter and jam. I always remember them being on the cold side of lukewarm, but I think warm, though not so hot as to burn your fingers, is what you're aiming for.


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Drop Scones (Scotch Pancakes)

A recipe for traditional drop scones or scotch pancakes - enjoy them for breakfast or as a treat at teatime with jam and hot chocolate.