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T-Shirt For Yoga Lover.  https://teespring.com/loving-yoga-tshirt-for-u

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This asana is also known as the Scorpion Pose. It requires both core and shoulder strength. It is an extremely challenging yoga asana.

How To Do The Vrschikasana And What Are Its Benefits

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Forearm stand using the wall as support. Great idea to try for beginners.

It’s nice to be challenged, humbled a wobbly every once in a while. Try adding a forearm stand, or just dolphin pose, to your practice today. By trying, holding and breathing where you feel strongest.

Thank you for my acquired ability to do advanced yoga poses - especially the scorpion pose!

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“Scorpion pose is a beautiful balance of strength and vulnerability. I'm so close, I can feel it. By the end of the year?

the scorpion yoga pose is one of the most difficult poses. with adequate practice of yoga, you'll be closer to completing the scorpion pose more than ever.

Inversions. These are SO hard. Need to learn how to do all of these.

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I can do the crow, tripod, and headstand. Now I just need to work on my forearm stand and scorpion.