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Scorpio II Ash Grey Light T-Shirt

Scorpio traits: ~Mysterious, Deep ~Passionate, Sensual ~Phychic, Intuitive ~Strong, Intense Emotions ~Fond of Transformation ~Perservere to the End ~Competitive, Poor Losers ~Dangerous Enemy ~Loyal to Loved Ones ~Need a Good Challenge ~"All or Nothing" Attitude ~Giving and Loyal in Love


Okey, who the fu*k still believes in horoscopes? Even though there are currently 13 signs, but the astrologists still only count and predict 12? Also: Who the fu*k counts fire, air, earth, and water as elements? That hasn't really been done in rather a long time. (Have you ever seen a periodic table, FFS?!) The worst thing is yet to come: I found this pin on a board called "Nature Science"! Wow. I think that actually makes me speechless. -Ragne.


Scorpios have built in bullshit detectors. It's so difficult to listen to someone go on and on when u know they're full of it but you're at work so you can't just be like cut the shit!! All you're doing is wasting my time and yours.