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How people argue with research they don’t like

A handy flowchart for enhancing classroom discussion“If you aren’t satisfied with the level of discourse taking place in (and out of) the classroom, then this flowchart from Wonkblog is for you. It’s...

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This Graphic Is a Rough Guide to Bad (Or Badly Reported) Science

A Rough Guide to Bad (Or Badly Reported) Science. Everyone should learn to be able to spot bad research.

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Dogged Determination - Story & Activities to Introduce the Scientific Method

A determined pup plays with the scientific method to get the results he wants a game of fetch.5-page illustrated story / 5 student activity pagesThis illustrated story will help students enjoy, infer, and identify key elements of scientific research along with the characteristics of a successful researcher.ENJOY Readers will get caught up in Thorsons energy, his quick reactions, and the flexibility of his process for starting a game of fetch.