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Hands-on Science: Create a Water Cycle Project using LEGOS

Hands-on Science: Create your own 3D water cycle project using LEGOS! This is an awesome STEM activity for kids in elementary or middle school!


Ugh. Stop celebrating women who "prove" themselves on male-dominated playing fields! Find me ONE man who's ever given birth to a new human life. Women are already imbued with infinitely superior innate qualities. New rules. New "game". Not "theirs".


Classification of Living Things. Find this on, is a science for K-12 with 5,000 pages vibrantly illustrated science models, posters, activities, experiments, investigations, movies, games and worksheets. • Learn to draw animals, make habitat murals, dioramas, posters and nature trails. • Use the test bank, glossary and Next Generation of Science Standards resources.

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2012 in infographics: how Graphic News saw the world

SCIENCE: The Standard Model of Physics - just one of 27 infographics judged the best of 2012 by Simon Rogers of the Guardian.