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Dissolving, Expanding And Bouncing Egg Science Experiment

Dissolving egg shells should be on every child’s to do list. In fact it should be on every parents to do list if you haven’t done it yet! It’s a great visual and tactile experiment to do at home and there are quite a few things that you can talk about with … Continue reading →

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How to get the Best Baking Soda and Vinegar Reaction!

Come learn an easy trick that will get you the most dramatic, puffy, foamy baking soda and vinegar eruptions and learn the science behind it! From Fun at Home with Kids

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Bean Growing - a classic childhood science activity - add an extra learning element, by growing one bean in "light" and the other "in the dark".

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10 Science Experiments for Kids

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Science Experiments for kids

Hand-on and easy science experiments for kids to do at home or in class :: easy science fair projects

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Apple Science Experiment

Apple Science Experiment | My kids love eating apples, but they really don’t love it when they turn brown. We decided to try a little apple science experiment so they could learn what keeps apples from browning.

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7-9 Year Olds

Science experiments, demonstrations and ideas that are perfect for 7-9 year olds (or thereabouts). Fun STEM for kids.

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