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Every Science Begins as Philosophy and Ends as Art- Science Poster- Children's Room Decor- Science Decor- Nursery Decor

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Take the base of celery to regrow when done making snacks and sit in window in colored water. Watch it grow in technicolor!!!

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Thinking of putting one like him on my big bulletin board or a corner of a class with quotes about science/ by scientists to get the kids thinking/ talking :)

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Nerdy Science Art - set of 6- 8x10 Prints with Erlenmeyer Flask, DNA, Elements for science themed bedroom or nursery

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Hang old books in an english classroom to add some fun and inexpensive decor and encourage reading!

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Periodic Table Writer - Chemistry Elements » My Fun Studio - This is a great way to help your students remember the periodic table of elements. #secondary #science

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Mme Merriman's Classroom: MAD SCIENCE - Bulletin board constructed creatively by science teacher, this is a great visual to be displayed in the classroom for students to learn and can be used with different topics such as earth science, chemistry or physics.

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old school science lab stuff as decor...use the beakers and test tubes for decor in Nate's room or for light fixtures

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