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Positive Behavior Systems in Schools | ... start a school-wide positive behavior system that defines behavior

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Everything in my store is either $1 or FREE!Our school has a monthly school-wide behavior reward for students who earn it. In March we celebrate ...

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Attendance Hero: Editable School Wide Kit

Bring justice to excessive absences and tardies by promoting school wide attendance improvement and timeliness. Kit includes fun and editable posters, individual letters to spell out "perfect attendance", themed spirit week, attendance themed team names, attendance/timeliness count posters for morning meetings, and class percentage goal posters!

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Reed Elementary School participates in a school-wide positive behavior approach called "Panther PRIDE." This approach establishes the social...

Since it was a school-wide theme, we all did bulletin boards with different variations of it it. I thought there were some great ideas, so I thought I would share them.

The school-wide theme for 2014-2015 is "Find Your Own Place in the World". I used puzzle templates to reflect the analogy of the students like puzzle pieces fitting in to complete the picture/puzzle. This helped them understand that like the puzzle piece they will find their own place.

Student Organizational Binders, my schedule and Flash Giveaway

So this year we have a school wide theme… SPACE! This caused me to want to redo my student binders. These are nothing new or revolutionary, but it keeps my kiddos organized and me sane! Semi-sane! Here is what they look like on the inside. Behavior Calendar and Money/Note pouch Daily Schedule Class list...Read More »