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How to Help an Angry Child Calm Down Anywhere + Free Printable

Tips for Calming the Angry Child: Why it's ok to be upset, and how we can help our kids learn to calm themselves anywhere!

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Why Saying "Calm Down" To Your Kids Doesn't Actually Work

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Strategy Sandwiches - Today I'm excited about sandwiches! Not real sandwiches, I'm excited about the strategy sandwich. I made a Calm Down sandwich for a student, who comes at lunch to practice calm-down strategies. The ingredients represent the things that we've talked about trying when the worries start to overwhelm. We put it in a zipper sandwich bag and she tucked it in her lunch kit.

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The “HOW you say it” game

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." As a mostly school-based therapist, I often am called into crisis situations and social conflicts that w...

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Back to School Board Games FREEBIE is a collection of 3 printable Back to School Board Game by Games 4 Learning. Perfect as 'getting to know you' games for the first days of school!

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Online Toolkit for New Social Workers < also helpful for social work educators

Great alternatives to self-harm and self-injurious stimming behavior for those of us with SPD and ASD.P.S. sorry I have been away for awhile. I have been working on my thesis.Miriam, Mod.

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How to Run a Social Skills Group Many of our children with language delays also have trouble with social skills. This may be due to certain conditions that impair social skills, like autism, or it may just be because these children have trouble learning language and social interactions rely heavily on language skills. Whatever the cause,

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Losing a Game Social Scripts Mini Flip Book {Free Printable}

Free printable social scripts about losing a game for kids with autism or hyperlexia from And Next Comes L

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5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions: Printable

A calm down plan to help children of all ages learn to manage big emotions in socially acceptable ways.

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Problems, triggers & reactions. Understanding & addressing our own triggers & resulting behaviours. The start of the journey of change.

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Social Skills: Problem Solving with a Friendship Intervention

Social-Skills-Problem-Solving-with-a-Friendship-Intervention-607719 Teaching Resources -

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Funny Icebreaker Questions

I use this list all the time a list of Funny Icebreaker Questions that can be used with any age group even in staff meetings

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